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  • Curious.

    I just registered to this site about 5 minutes ago, the people here seem very supportive. Anywho, I'm 15 and my health class is going over STD's and TC.

    Basically, I get random pains in my left testicle from time to time. And by time to time, I don't mean once a week or whatever..I mean just at completely random times. I was with my girlfriend for about 4 hours the other day, and we spent most time on my couch. However, when I got up to take her home, a killing pain was in my left testicle. It's like I got kicked there. It hurt in my lower abdominal area too.

    I went out and skateboarded, and It went away. I read that a symptom can be pains (come and go) which is an exact description of what happens to me. However, I noticed that usually everytime I get these pains, I have been laying on a couch for a extended period of time (happened with my last girlfriend)

    I do not feel any lumps as of now. Should I be worried? PS - I'm an overthinker.

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    It's never a bad idea to have a doctor check pains. My guess is that it's nothing abnormal, it might just be some sexual tension, but if it keeps bothering you get it checked.
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      Thanks a lot.