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Please Help me in a bit of a scare..

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  • Please Help me in a bit of a scare..

    I have been sick since Tuesday with a fever and really bad sore throat so I decided to see the doctor today. They checked for strep throat and it came positive but a weak positive which could mean it was a false reading. She is sending the sample to the lab and she said they will find out in 2 days. They have given me Amoxicillin and Tussi-12D. Now on Wednesday night I was coughing very violently and the next day I felt pain in my groin which made me think I had gotten a hernia. Now I went to the doctor and told them about that but they said it was unlikely and did not check. Today for the first time my left testes feels somewhat odd and it kind of feels like someone tapped me in the balls but not too hard it kind of throbs I guess? But it is really really irritating me! So I decided to read up and learned how to perform a TSE and on my left teste I found something on the top where the epididimis meets the teste. I think it is right where the epididmis and the teste meet but it might be in front of the epididimus… Is this a common place to find the lump?

    I am going on Monday for another check up…

    I am really terrified at this point and can not relax…

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    you are on the right track

    Your are on the right track!! Take a look at the guidelines on this site for information about anatomy and how to do a self exam. It is difficult to wait, but try not to panic. The stress is hard on your body. Be sure to ask questions if you have is ok to write them down before you go. This might be a good thing to do over the next day or so as concerns come up in your mind. There are helpful people on this site, keep in touch as you need to, Take Care, Sharon
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      The bump is kind of fatty and then hard in the center it kind of hurts when i press it too much.

      My Questions:
      In Epididymitis is the bump hard as well?

      Is this a common place to find the lump?(location described in first post)

      Does it sound like it is Testicular Cancer or a result of my prior sickness which i am still going through at this point...?

      Also would the Amoxicillin help if it was Epididymitis?
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        Well I cant seem to find it?

        I think maybe I squeezed it too hard?!