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  • iksteh
    Hi Metalman,

    I'm not a doctor - you should probably see your doc about this to be sure. That said, TC is usually inside or part of a testicle rather than free floating around the place. It sounds like it could be a cyst or similar external lump.

    Hmm 20+ and caucasian? I think more relevent is that you have balls. While the stats say it is more common among white guys, that is statistics. Eg - I have a 20% chance of my cancer coming back (based on stats). The reality is - it either comes back or it doesn't, and the other 3 guys in the room have little bearing on that (if you know what I mean).

    Please do get a doctors appointment though - it's not worth rolling the dice on these matters as early detection is important if it turns out to be TC. You can get opinions here, but really the most any of us have experienced this is twice, more often once and it can be a unique experience.

    Let us know how you go!


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  • metalman19
    started a topic Question?


    Hi guys first I would like to thank you for all your help.

    I was taking a shower and I felt two small lumps on my right testical. They arent stationary and I can't find them all the time. I have seen it before they are white and and seam to move whenever I touch the side of them.

    I have experianced acking and pain the last 2 nights over this.Im 20 and caucasin, so i kinda fit the discription :P.

    I'm trying to stay positive on the matter, but in the past hour or so it's started to scare me.

    So what I'm asking is.. can someone tell me wheather or not it seems like cancer( in thier best judgement) ?