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  • frustration

    Hi i first posted on here back in feburary

    when i first had a problem i felt a slight constant niggle in my right testicle

    since then i have been to the doctors twice, they have both told me nothing to worry (the latter arranging a ultrasound) however my last visit to the doctor was feb 21st well over a month a go and i still havent had a scan, something to do with a bust company so i have been re refered.

    Now in between this my "niggle" dissappeared and replacing it was an occasional "twang" so to speak when i walked (only on my right side, this appeared to come from my epidermis area, but sometimes it would hurt in my hip (sometimes i could not be sure)

    now recently it has gone back to a niggle and i am going to ring my doctor tomorrow to ask him just to get the move on with the scan so i can have a piece of mind.

    what i want to ask is, is this likely to be cancer now it hasn't dissapeared? I have no lumps just my right testicle is slightly bigger (but it always has been.)

    Or does anyone know of anything that could maybe have a solution other than cancer because that is all i seem to conclude and i'm quite worried now! I'm only 15

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    Oh i'm in the UK

    sorry to say but i have a sensible government (of sorts)

    who decide that healthcare is more important that charging

    sorry if some people don't agree

    but yeh it is free for me on the NHS


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      annoyingly as the doctor deems that i do not exhibit any immediate or "obvious signs" of cancer i cannot be put up the list

      so will have to wait my time, but at least it is comforting to see the doctor doesn't think it is that!

      although slightly worrying if he is wrong!