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The terrible horrible LOOOONG Wait for results

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  • The terrible horrible LOOOONG Wait for results

    Hi there – My husband had been complaining of a “pressure” in his left testicle for about three weeks. Last weekend he got ill with chills and a fever. He went to the doctor on Thursday. There is no lump – no swelling – just what he describes as a pressure that comes and goes – some days it nothing he says it tends to happen when he is nervous. The doctor suggested that it may be an STD (which would be highly unlikely – although I honestly at this point wish it could be the case ) he was prescribed an anti-biotic and the doctor suggested he have an ultrasound done.
    On Friday we went for the ultrasound. The technician who performed the test would not tell us anything – she said she was not a doctor and could not tell us anything. – She ran the test and said she would send it off to be evaluated. Said we could expect to hear something soon. It is now Monday afternoon.
    We have heard no reply from his doctor yet. Is this a good sign, is this a bad sign? I just want to stop worrying – the anxiety is killing me. I called the doctor’s office this morning and was told that the results for my husband had been faxed in and were sitting on the doctor’s desk. – But still no reply!! Should I call again and just ask for the results??? How long does it take to get the results? They must know how difficult it is to wait for results from a testicular ultrasound.
    What is the average length of time that it takes to get the results back?
    Thanks so much for any replies. I can’t wait for the wait to be over…….. I think….if it’s going to be bad news I’d probably wish they had not told us….

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    My ultrasound results came back the next day. You can usually call the place and request a copy. My place wouldn't fax it but told me I could pick it up or have it mailed.
    Left IO 4/21/05 | Seminoma Stage I |Blood markers normal before surgery | CT scan and xray normal.
    Final day of radiation was June 2, 2005 (15 days, 2500 cGy total). Anti-nausea drug of choice: Zofran.