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i think i have testicular cancer

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  • i think i have testicular cancer

    im 15 and i have like a growth on my left testicle its been there for a while. ive had physicals and i thought they might say something about it if they were concerned about it but noone has said anything. i really havent though about it much but then i was reading something on the internet and it caught my eye. i was shocked and i decided to look into it more. im kinda worried cuz its been there a while and sometimes it has a dull pain im not sure if its from physical activity or what. im not really sure who to talk to about gettin checked out i know i should tell my parents but im understandably nervous. im not sure what to do.

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    Hi, Joe. We all need to ask directly about symptoms that worry us instead of hoping our doctors discover them without our help.

    You already do know what to do: tell one of your parents and have your doctor or a urologist check it out. It may be nothing serious, but why take an unnecessary chance?
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