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Dizzyness linked at all with TC?

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  • Dizzyness linked at all with TC?

    Hi, first of all i'd just like to say hi, and thanks for providing me with this forum to get my question out. Around 3/4 years ago now i had my first ultra sound scan for TC. Apparently i had a hydrocele and it was nothing to worry about.. around 2 years later i was still worried, as my left testicle seemed so much different to the right.. so again, i went for another ultra sound scan which came back negative also.

    And now (just over a year later) i am worried again that i have a problem. I think i still have a slight hydrocele and i find it very hard to perform a self examination because of this. Eitherway, today i performed a self examination in a fairly small bathroom (no windows open)... and i suppose i was feeling the left testicle for about 3 minutes. As i brang my head up after lookign down for 3 minutes i began to feel really light headed as if i was to pass out.. but it was fine afterwards. I never get light headidness, there are no noticable aches in either testicle and no lumps that i can feel (alltho there is something rite at the top of the left testicle on the edge, but i think its a tube im feeling? I feel bad to keep going back to the docs for the same reason finding that theres never anything wrong as i feel it's a waste of everybodies time.

    My questions are:

    1) Could light headidness be linked to touching the testicles in any way? (If so could this be anything serious)
    2) After having 2 ultra sound scans in the last 5 years, what are my chances of having TC now?
    3) If cancer has spread from TC to lungs/other organ is there any chance of a normal life expectancy?

    I think you should also know that i have a bit of hypercondria and am allways thinking i have something seriously wrong with me.

    Thanks very much in advance for your help, its greatly apprecited.

    Kind regards,


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    Hi, Steve.

    I suspect the lightheadedness is just from raising your head suddenly.

    I'll be surprised if it does turn out that you have testicular cancer. However, since the hydrocele is still bothering you, I would consult a urologist about having surgery to correct it. It may not be necessary, but it's worth discussing.

    As for your last question, testicular cancer is often cured even in advanced cases.
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      Steve, it is highly unlikely that you have TC- but you should get an appt with a urologist as Scott said.
      The dizziness is almost certainly from moving your head quickly, happens to me all the time. It has Nothing to do with your self exam. Get yourself checked, it will be worth the peace of mind.
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      Please see a physician for medical advice!

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        Ok thanks for the info (and re-assurance) guys, much appreciated. I think it's great what your doing here, i expected a much longer time for anyone to reply.. was extremly quick. Thanks


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          Sounds like you had a scare when you found out about the hydrocele and that has created some anxiety in you. When someone has something medical that causes them worry, that worry can linger for a long time after they have been told everything is fine.

          So let's combine the fact that you were doing a self exam (which would make anyone a tad nervous), combine that with the fear that you were already worried that something could be going on in that region of the body, you were in a tight space (which makes the anxiety higher) and to top it all off, you most likely had your head lower than your shoulders during the exam so you could look to see if anything appeared 'different'.

          Lifting your head up after having it in that position, combined with all that anxiety, would make anyone dizzy.

          Maybe you should talk to a doctor about the hydrocele and see if there is some help you can get there so you feel better. Medical issues scare everyone....promise! But when in doubt, always get things checked out.

          Let us know how you are doing.

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            Hey Margaret, i thought this would have been forgotten about by now, but thanks very much for your help. I think what you're saying is very interesting, and could most likely be applied to my case. I've had a lot on since my first post, which has taken my mind of this whole thing... so i havent gone any further with it. I'll let you know if anything else develops. Thanks ever so much again for your help . Take care.