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Stationed in Korea, cancer concerns

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  • Stationed in Korea, cancer concerns

    Hi guys, im wondering what i should do. Im stationed in Korea currently, the problem is i have to see an offbase korean doctor at a korean hospital, because they dont have any urologists on any bases in Korea. I see him later in this week, the problem is i dont know if i trust a non american doctor.
    Well, anyway the question is does it sound like i have cancer enough to try and get a second opinion back in the states, which is a huge ordeal.

    Here is the report i have from the ultrasound.

    Both testicles are symmetric in echogenicity and blood flow.
    The previous examination identified a complex cyst within the mid left testicle. On the previous examination, this cyst measured 3 x 4 x 3. On the current examinatin, there is a cluster of multiple cysts versus a complex single cyst in the mid left testicle. If this is the same lesion, it now measures 4 x 5 x 7 mm. Again, no blood flow was identified within this lesion.

    Again, a left hydrocele is identified. In addition, there is a linear echogenic body within the hydrocele, likely a calcified torsed appendage. The right epididymal head measures 6 x 8 mm, and the left measures 7 x 7 mm. A 2 mm cyst is again identified within the right epididymal head.

    1. Probably persistent complex cyst within the left testicle. Interval growth is possible demonstrated. Tecommend urology consultation.
    2. Left Hydrocele.
    3. Probable torsed appendage.

    Sorry for the long post, but with only the option of 1 korea urologist in this country, was wondering if this sounds like cancer to yall. Also blood tests came back good with no markers. I have never had any pains with this, ive had it for 4 years, my first few ultrasounds said it was nothing but a cyst. Thanks for any help.
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    Welcome to the forum, and thanks for your service to our country! I'm not a doctor, so take this as my opinion, but your US does not give any indication of a suspected solid mass. The statement on echogenicity and blood flow do not point to cancer. That said, definatelty go the the urologist. If you do have a torsion that'll need to be confirmed and dealt with and if the hydrocele is gettign larger you may very well end up with discomfort. Torsions do need medical treatment. Post back and let us know how it goes!
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