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    Dear All

    About 8 weeks ago I began to notice a duill ache in my crotch area. At first I thought it was nothing and would subside but then I noticed that my right testicle appeared to now be much larger than my left.

    Again I stupidly thought nothing of it - however in the last few weeks my enlarged right testicle has also become harder than it was previously.

    I am still suffering the dull ache, and the pain is knid of across my lower back and upper leg.

    I keep imagining the worst - is what I have descibesd symptomatic of TC?.....I just don't know and of course I am embarrassed so have been putting of dealing with this. Now though the ache has gotten more noticeable and the hardness of the testicle is more pronuced.

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    Nothing to be embarrassed about, but you should go to your doctor. They may send you to a urologist, and possibly out for an ultrasound.
    Don't wait, if you have torsion you may need emergency care.
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    Please see a physician for medical advice!

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      Thanks for your prompt response - what is a torsion?


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        I do not want to scare you...because I am not a doctor...but the hardness and swelling you are describing is similar to what my husband felt when he was told about his TC. He had no pain (and actually our dr. said that pain could be a good sign that it is something else), and no discomfort in his body. Just the larger testicle and it was hard, not spongy.

        I hope it turns out to be something minor, but I will urge you to get it checked...I hope everything goes well, please let us know.
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          Not to scare you but your symtpoms are almost identical to what I had. Mine did turn out to be TC. Please go get yourself checked. Odds are it is not TC and you will be able to put your mind at ease. Good luck.


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            Hey dude,
            Hopefully you have gone to the doc by now to get checked out. To answer your question, a torsion occurs when there is a cut in the blood supply to one of the testis. That kind of event needs immediate attention because within 8-10 hours, the testis will become necrotic due to lack of oxygen. My GP thought I had a torsion when I was diagnosed, and told me to go straight to the ER (turns out it was TC). If it does turn out to be TC, we'll be able to help with comfort and advice. Best of luck,
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