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Weight gain or swelling?

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  • Weight gain or swelling?

    I'm somewhat embarrassed to admit I've put on some weight recently. And I've noticed that in the past few weeks, my underwear is very uncomfortable on my testicle. Naturally, one would assume- you gain weight, you stretch the fabric a little more, and you feel it in the most sensitive place. So there's that. But I'm still wondering.

    Now, I'm going to bite the bullet and buy the next larger size of briefs in the meantime until I can get my weight down, but I've noticed- there's no bumps, no discoloration, and no pain. I have thunder thighs, so to speak and the patch of skin on both inner thighs where they rub together is kind of pink. The scrotum itself doesn't really appear to be any bigger, but then again, maybe I haven't looked close enough before to get an idea of how big it normally is.

    Now here's my question- could this discomfort be from the extra weight stretching my underwear and my thighs? Or is it possible for any kind of testicular swelling to occur without any pain, bumps, or redness?

    I think it's unlikely to be TC, but I'm being cautious and I kind of figured this would be something people on this forum could indentify or confirm.

    The sad part is, I'm 6'2" and 230- I can only imagine the things bigger guys go through if this is a result of that.
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    Could be jock itch, but you say theres no discolouration.
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