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Very small lump on right testical..

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  • Very small lump on right testical..

    Hi everyone.

    Yesterday I noticed a very small (>1.5mm?) lump at the top of my right testical close to where the epididymis (sp?) is attached and is also not "raised" above the surface of the testical very much at all. - After searching around the internet and reading about TC, I found these forums.

    I am going to be booking an appointment with the doctor tomrrow for as soon as possible (which may prove hard, because I actually have a lot of things on that I can't cancel ).

    Just wondering what your opinions are (as to whether it may be TC or not), as I read somewhere that a TC lump is normally "pea-sized or larger".. so I do wonder.

    In a way it's pretty scary, I know TC is pretty cure-able, but since I only turned 18 last month (and studying A-levels at college) it's not something you'd like to think about..

    I read somewhere that a very small percentage of lumps are actually TC, can anybody clarify?

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    Don't wish to bug people. But does anybody have any ideas..
    (I haven't been able to get an appointment yet.)


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      You need to get in to see your doctor to get some closure on this thing. It may very well be nothing of concern- the only real way to find out is through an Ultrasound (painless), and blood draws (not so painless ).

      You should be firm when calling the doctors receptionist, and although it is probably overkill- tell the receptionist "I am presenting signs of testicular cancer, and I need to be seen right away or I'll have to go to the ER".

      Sorry we havn't replied to you first post. Let us know how you make out.
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      Please see a physician for medical advice!

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        Hello and welcome. I wish I could tell you what I thought it was but with out medical advice it really could be anything. It could be something simple and minor...but you should get it checked. I want to be able to offer more, but for now, we will wait for you to come back from the Dr. and let us know. I will send warm wishes and prayers that it is nothing and you come back here smiling

        Good luck and fingers crossed for you

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          I had a pea sized lump on the right one, turned out to be an injury of sometype. Do you play sports? But do have it checked out. Good Luck!