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Big Lump(s) in Left Testicle. Testicular Cancer?

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  • Big Lump(s) in Left Testicle. Testicular Cancer?


    I am only 13 years old and have noticed a long continuous lump in the left testicle. I sometimes feel it is heavier than the right one. I have significantly less hair in that testicle, feel the lumps are not necessarily hard and are located along the epididymis, and it sometimes hurts mildly. I have had this since I was about 10 if I am not mistaken and have never asked anyone. I have lately found out it could be cancer, and am extremely tense. Could it be testicular cancer? and Is sterility involved in it?

    Help would be terribly appreciated.

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    The chances that what you're describing is cancer are very low. If you're worried, though, you should tell a parent that you feel something you're not sure about.
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      Thank you very much for your quick reply! I appreciate it and am relieved, although I will still talk about it with my parents following your advice. Thanks again!


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        I wonder how the young-ling made out....hope he's healthy