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Question about mass mobility

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  • Question about mass mobility

    Question answered, thank you.
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    I can't answer for all cases, but I believe that you are correct. If the lump moves around separately from the testicle, it's usually a cyst.

    I was just diagnosed with TC, my tumor is most definitely not mobile. I don't check it much, to tell the truth. I'm just sitting tight waiting for them to send it to a lab on Thursday.

    Still, not a bad idea to see a urologist. I would imagine the cyst could grow or become painful. Also, you'd want to make sure that the blood flow to the testis is normal.

    Also, not a bad idea to do a self exam regularly. It sounds like you are attuned to unusual changes, and that's definitely a good thing. In my case, I have no pain, no swelling -- I feel 100% fine. If I didn't check, I wouldn't even know I had cancer right now. (disclaimer: until the lab results come back, my doctor says there is a 5% chance it's benign -- not betting odds).
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