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  • WHat do you think.

    hey im 14 and i have recently felt a lump above my left testicle. its about the size of a pea, and it feels like its tethered there by a half to full centimeter thread (possibly the epidymus?). I did the light shining thing, and i definitely saw the lump thru the skin. IF its is a cyst will it be entirely invisble through light shining? Also, does that string thing (epidymus?) happen to sit atop the testicle? Because i feel a string like object around there, possibly touching the lump.

    I know that, besides the light shining thing, it may sound like a cyst. IT does to me, except i shone the light and saw a circular shape? What's the prognosis?

    please help!!!

    EDIT: In your experiences, does insurance usually cover the cost
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    When I was young, I remember that I used to wonder if they could install a clear piece of plastic down there so I could see all of the tubes and stuff inside.

    We don't have that, so we have to rely on feeling what is there.

    It sounds like your lump is free floating but appears to be connected by a "thread" to your testicle? If so, that sounds like something minor from everything I've seen here. There's lots of stuff down there, and even though I'm having some of that stuff removed tomorrow, i still couldn't draw a picture of what a testicle looks like with all of the attached parts.

    Still, I'd get it checked out. Some things can affect the ability to have kids in the future, and some injuries can also possibly lead to a greater risk of testicular cancer in the future. It really is not a big deal getting it looked at.

    Wish I could answer about what a cyst looks like. My lump was totally opaque and definitely needs to come out.
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