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Testical Pain (Sever)

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  • Testical Pain (Sever)

    [FONT=Verdana]I've suffered with pain in my scrotum for some years (Dull ache - on and off) but last Friday night I was in agony and could hardly move for pain! My right Testical was almost unbearable to touch and the pain went from behind them to the front just above my Penis. This did ebb away but not completely after about 4 hours, but has come back with varying degrees of pain since. Right now it's fairly painful and uncomfortable.

    I have done (And do) self examination but can't tell if there's a lump or whether it's just the tubes that I'm feeling. On Friday my scrotum was very red and tender and it felt like someone hack kicked me very hard there!

    I have suffered with Prostatitus on a number of occasions (Usually happens once a year for some reason) and have a course of antibiotics. The Dr is unsure why this occours, (It isn't a Sexually transmitted disease as I've been on my own for many years and not had sex).

    This time the pain is different and in the testicle itself so I'm worried that perhaps the pain and dull ache I've had in the past was Cancer and it's now getting worse?

    Among other "problems" I've had 2 discs removed 1993 after a large prolapse, I also have a Spinal Stimulator Impalant after I was the victim of a Hit and Run Accident in 1998, both of which don't seem related in any way to this current very painful and uncomfortable condition!

    Any help gratefully received

    Kind regards

    Peter :
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    Have you had your hormones checked? high E2 can cause testicular pain and also indirectly give you a prolapsed disc due to muscle weakness.
    Even if you have had your hormones checked, IF they are out, chances are the doctor told you they were ok. If you really want to try something, try get your hands on nolvadex or arimidex and see if it helps your testicular pain, if it does then the answer would be hormones.
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      Get yourself to a doctor, preferably a urologigt IMMEDIATELY! Even if this is not TC related the cause of your symptoms must be found and treated. If the pain is as bad as you describe where you can hardly move go to an Emergency Room. Don't mess around with this. If it is TC your life may depend on it. Seroiusly.
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        Testical Pain (Severe)

        Hi Karen, Michael,

        Thank you for your prompt reply.. Ok now I'm really worried!!

        I've never had my hormones checked and the Disc problems were many years ago now (1993 Operation). Last time I saw the Dr complaining of the dull pain (As this is how it has been in the past) he dismissed it thinking it was the Prostatitus again.

        Although the pain isn't so severe right now, there have been sporadic pains just as intense since Friday, so perhaps (No definitely) a trip to A&E is in order straight away. (Big sigh!)

        The nearest hospital is only 10 miles away so will go now...

        Thanks again for your advice, I'll post a reply on my return...

        Please keep your fingers crossed for me..

        Kind regards



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          Testical Pain (Severe)

          Hi there,

          Pleased to say that the Dr at the Hospital didn't think it was TC.. but probably Prostatitus or Epididymitis, and as I've only just been involved with a Lady after many years, know for sure it's not Sexually transmitted!

          He's proscribed Anti-Biotics to see if it helps and I'm to see my own GP in the next few weeks if nothing's improved.

          As I sit here, rather uncomfortable, I have to say that I'm not wholy convinced, but that said I am assured that there are no lumps down there as the examination was thorough!

          My thanks again for answering my plea for help and advice, and hope that others can take heart that they're not alone, and be reasured in the wonderful support from others using this Website.

          Kindest regards



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            I hope the best for you and I am pleased to here that it hasn't been diagnosed at TC at the moment.


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              Sorry to have worried you but glad you got to a doc. I hadn't noticed before that you are in the UK...and it seems that things go much more by the book and a bit slower with diagnostocs acaross the pond. If the antibiotics do not help your next step is an ultrasound to find out what's going on. Good luck and please keep us posted on how you are doing!
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