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    hey, wonder if you can help me, i know whatever it is the best thing to do is to get it checked but i just want an opinion before i do. im 18 and since i was 10 i have had 'something' on my right right testicle. It hasn't grown but the first time i noticed it it was the size of my testicle. i have been trying to find somewhere a description of what a cancerous tumour feels like and they say either just a small pea size lump, or a small 'hard' peasize lump. But what i have isnt hard, it feels more like it is full of liquid and can be quite painfull sometimes, usually not more than once a month im in pain from it, the pain isnt in the testicle it is higher in my groin but when it is hurting(stabbing pain) if i touch my testicle it does send a shock but the pain is still higher up. Another thing is it doesnt always appear to be there but i can feel something extra on the side of my testicle, as if it has drained or something, can a tumour do that?. The testicle is also considerably higher than the other, infact it is barely hanging in the scrotal sack. I dont think i missed anything, any ideas on what it could be? i dont scare too easily so you can be straight with me


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    Hey Duke,
    If it is fluid-filled, then it is unlikely it is a tumor. More likely it's a hydrocele or a varicocele. Your GP should be able to tell you quite easily. For peace of mind, you should definitely check it out with your GP, or, if need be, with a urologist.
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      ok, thanks i will get it checked, and hopefully it will be one of those haha