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Tumor or what???idk

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  • Tumor or what???idk

    Hey, I am 17 years old and I started to notice a small bump on my right testicle a long time ago. It is on the top middle part where the epiditimus is. It is like right on top, before the 'tube'. Its like a thing that connects the testicle to the 'tube' (sorry I dont know the name for it). I know this sounds really bad, but I noticed it like 2 years ago, and it is still the exact same, no discomfort, no change to the bump or anything, it is the exact same and I feel the exact same as when I discovered it a couple of years ago, which is that I feel perfectly normal. My right testicle does hang down lower that my left and it is a little bit bigger, but I dont think that the size is the issue I am worried about. I know for sure that it is the epiditimus that the bump is on, it may just be the epiditimus itself, i dont know. The bump is hard, not like a rock, but a little harder than my testicle, it has a little bit of give. I would be sure that this bump is my epiditimus, but my left testicle does not have a bump like this, it is just like the 'tube' goes straight to the testicle, no bump at all. If I run my finger gently up this 'tube' up to the bump, it is like it is clogged or something, like a golf ball in a water hose.

    Any comments are welcome, and thank you.

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    While we can't offer a diagnosis, it doesn't sound too suspicious. You should mention it to your doctor. Do you have a routine physical exam coming up soon?
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      Originally posted by not_sure
      If I run my finger gently up this 'tube' up to the bump, it is like it is clogged or something, like a golf ball in a water hose.
      The way you describe it, I had a very similar condition in my epiditimus. You describe it perfectly as "a golf ball in a water hose," because that is exactly what mine felt like. In my case, it ended up being an epidydimal cyst, which is a benign condition and not cancerous at all! In my opinion, definitely go see you doctor just to be safe and ease your mind, but I feel you are in great shape!

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