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Waiting on DH's ultrasound results....

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  • Waiting on DH's ultrasound results....

    Hi, I hope you don't mind a wife barging in for reassurance. My husband is probably fine but I'd like to share his symptoms and see if anyone has experienced something similar. He's 35 for starters. No family history, no undescended guys. His symptoms started 3 or 4 weeks ago -- tenderness on one side, and this on/off sensation of twisting and feeling like his testicle might "pop". He doesn't describe it as a pain, just an unusual sensation that comes and goes. We think the affected testicle feels a bit larger than the other. His Internist examined him and despite a negative urine specimen, put him on a 10-day cycle of antibiotics which he has since finished. No real change in symptoms so he went for an ultrasound on Friday and will go for results on Wednesday. He had bloodwork last fall but none since. Again, I think he's probably fine but I can't help but worry. I saw a TC symptom somewhere that described a "sudden rush of fluid into the testicle" but not much more info. DH said yes, it kind of felt like that...

    Thanks in advance for your feedback.

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    Originally posted by specialk
    Hi, I hope you don't mind a wife barging in for reassurance.
    We don't mind a bit. I know it doesn't help for me to say so, but worrying won't change a thing. Whatever will be will be.

    The good news is that the ultrasound has already happened, which will provide some answers. Keep us posted, and know that if your husband does have testicular cancer, there are a lot of us here who have gotten through it and are happy to help.
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      Welcome! There are a LOT of wives, moms, sisters, GFs on this site.

      A big step in the right direction was recognizing something wasn't right and going to a doc. As Scott said, the US will tell a lot. If there is anthing suspicious he'll need bloodwork for tumor markes; betaHCG, LDH and AFP as well. The site as well as will answere a lot of questions for you ...and we're here for support and the knowledge personal experience brings. Please post on the US results and it's always a good idea to get a copy of the report as well.
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