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  • need a lil help

    Hey guys, I need a little help trying to figure out what I have. I'm fairly sure from what I've read it's not TC, but I could use some peace of mind.

    In the past 4-5 days I've noticed a slight dull pain in my "cash and prizes" area. It felt like a groin pull at first, but after feeling around it seems to be coming from the tube connected to lefty. There's no pain around the right one and there are no lumps, swelling, hardness, etc. of either testicle. From what I've read this seems like epididymitis, but I don't have the classic symptoms of infection at all.

    The pain like I said is dull, and it's not disabling or even very uncomfortable at all. But, it's there, and it concerns me. There are some issues with my health insurance at the moment, but that should be cleared up in about a month or two. I'll be seeing a doc then if this persists, but in the meantime, does this sound like epididymitis (or something else) to those of you who have experienced this?

    Thanks in advance guys.

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    If you have no lumps, bumps, swellings, or hardnesses, the chances of you having TC are quite low. The way you explain your circumstance, it sounds like either epididyitis or some type of infection. I would be giving bad advice, though, if I didn't tell you to get checked out. Only a doctor can tell you whats up. Let us know what the doctor/urologist says!

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      It very well could be epidytimitis but I would still have it checked and demand an ultrasound. My TC presented with pain around the epidytimis and the lump did not come until a month and a half later. My GP treated me for an infection for a month before he reffered me to a urologist. TC is very rare and what you have could be nothing but I would definently have it checked out.