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  • pain after orch

    I had my right orch Mon, today is thu, and am in still a considerable amount of pain. I meet with my doctor fri for a check up, how much longer does the pain last? will he give me more pain meds?

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    You will be sore for a while, but should be slowly getting better every day now. Talk about it with your doctor - I am sure he will examine you to make sure you are healing well. Did you ever get any pain meds? If you are in pain and something like advil will not work, you should call the doctor and get a prescription for something stronger, at least for a couple of more days if you need it.

    When I had my I/O, my doctor gave me a prescription for vicadan, enough for a week with 3 refills. I also had my surgery on a monday and went to the doctor on Thursday - told him I had stopped taking the vicidan as I did not like the way it made me feel and would use advil instead - he kind of got upset with me and told me I did not need to be in any pain and should be on pain medication for at least a week. I just said OK and went home and took an advil.
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      I had my I/O on a Friday and was able to get around and be in a car by Monday. The significant discomfort (slow to get out of bed, swelling, etc) was gone in about 5 days to a week after the surgery. After two weeks I felt pretty good (good enough to drive my car 16 hours from MS to PA. I wouldn't be too concerned that you are still hurting a's only been a few days. Make sure you are staying mobile (walking around the house, sitting instead of lying at times) and you will be good to go in a few days.

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        Like everyone before me has said, the soreness will last for a little bit. I ventured outside about 5 days after the I/O. I was still wobbly and walking slowly, but every day was better. I was also given a prescription for vicodin, but as Sans rt1 said, I hated the feeling of loopiness (not to mention the constipation that goes along with taking narcotics). Just make sure you get plenty of rest and not rush into things. You will feel pretty much back to normal within 4-6 weeks post I/O.
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