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  • Lump

    Hi. I'm a 16 yr old boy and I live in Ireland.

    A few months ago I found a lump attached the side of my right testicle, its still there, hasnt grown and it has never hurt.
    It only hurts when I pinch it.

    I am generally healthy and have no medical problems whatsoever.

    Any reassurance as to what this might be? Just hoping it isnt the worst.

    Thanking you,

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    Welcome Daniel. Please visit this site for how to do a proper self exam as well as read up on what you should and shouldn't be feeling. TC is relatively rare, and there are many other things that can cause you to feel a lump ot bump. While it can be difficult for many young guys to do, the BEST thing is to tell a parent and have an exam by a doctor. Please let us know if you have any questions, but a doctor is the only one who can determine what you are feeling.
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      Any type of testicle lump needs to be evaluated by a doctor or a urologist. TC is very rare, and there are quite a few reasons a lump would form on the testicle that aren't cancer related, but ANY time a lump is found it needs to be checked out......if only for peace of mind. Let us know what the doctor says!

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        It's very good you found this site and asked your questions.
        As other people said, the best thing is to discuss with your parents and go together to urologist doctor.
        These doctors know very well how to distinguish TC from other things there.
        The test is very simple: discussion, physical check-up, sometimes they may want to see your testicles w/ ultrasound scanner (not dangerous at all, not painful). That's it!
        I think the attached lump is something else – just check it, and let us know !!!