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  • iksteh
    My experience was more aching in the groin area as opposed to shooting pains. There was a definate hard lump present as well. From your description, it could be a number of things from muscle strain to an inguinal hernia.

    So while it doesn't sound a lot like TC, you should probably get a doc to check it out because there are a few things it could be which definately need treatment.


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  • errolw
    started a topic Symtoms query

    Symtoms query

    About 2 yrs ago - found a pea sized swelling - went to a urologist - stated not anything to worry about since it wasnt painful.Presently swelling seems the same size but my right testicle is swollen.Also it feels slightly numb/sensitive to touch.

    Another weird symptom - sharp pains in the groin on the right hand side - dosent happen often - not sure what triggers it.