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scar on testicles

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  • scar on testicles

    hi every one ,first time im posting a message on this site
    im 22 yrs old .. when i was bout 17 i noticed that there was a scar on the skin of my left testicle, i assumed it was just a scar from scratching too hard or something, then i started noticing that my right testicle started hanging lower than the left, last month i noticed there there are a couple new scars on the skin of my right and left testicle. These scars are a pinkish/peach colour and do not hurt at all. Recently i have noticed that the texture of my sperm isnt like it used to be .. its more wattery. I might just be paranoid , in fact i know i am and I am very scared, dont know what it could be. im very affraid to goto the doctor and get it checked out . help!

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    What you're describing doesn't sound like testicular cancer - it presents as a lump without any visible scratches or anything on the skin of the scrotum. Its possible you have a sexually transmitted disease or your girlfriend has long nails

    I can't offer you any clear answers on what it might be (I'm not a doc) but it really doesn't sound like TC. If it's fear of cancer stopping you from going to the doc, then it's the wrong reason not to go - some STD's and things can be serious if left untreated so please go see a doc and find out for sure. It will save you a lot of worry.