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Due ache and heaving feeling - epididymitis Infection?

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  • Due ache and heaving feeling - epididymitis Infection?


    For the past couple of weeks i had a slight pain in my right testical. Yesterday the pain in the testical was very bad. It was like a strong ache feeling and my my scotum felt very heavy. To go with those symptoms, i had a pain on my lower spine (left hand side). I mentioned the problems to my girlfriend and she made a appointment for me at the local clinic in the hospital. I explained the problems i was having and also the back pain. The doctor checked the painful area in my back 1st and said the muscle seems very stiff and thinks i have just pulled a muscle there.She asked what i do for a living which i replied heavy labour work, plenty of lighting a day and due to the crap workplace conditions i find it hard to light properly. She then checked my right testical and said it may be an epididymitis infection. I asked how can i get an infection like that and she mentioned that my body may not be strong enough to fight the infection off. Asked weather i was eating properly ie.. veg, fruit. omething that im not. I always skip breakfast and due to my busy work place, i never get time to eat properly. I also mention that i have been under a lot of stress as of late. Anyway, the doctor has given me a course of ciprofloxacin and aslo Doxycycline. She aslo told me to take a 400 and 200 mg ibuprofen tablet 3 times a day..

    Now, when i was 19 i found a lump in my scrotum. I went to the doctors and was told it was a cyst. I just have this really strange gut feeling that it could be something else. Has anyone been though simular circumstances?. I would really be greatfull for some more advise. I did look on the internet for epididymitis infection, Heavy lifting was a known cause and also STDs (several months after infection). This i know is not the cause due to being in a strong and faithful relationship for 5 years..

    Im just really worried and need more information

    many thanks


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    Keep a watch on it. Chances are good that it really is an infection and the back pain really is from muscle strain. On the other hand, some testicular cancer cases are misdiagnosed as epididymitis or other things, largely because testicular cancer is so rare.
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