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  • Scott
    Do both testicles seem the same? While it's not impossible, it's very rare to have cancer in both testicles at the same time. Could you be feeling the epididymis, a normal structure that transports sperm away from the testicle? You may want to see a doctor just to be sure, especially after that football accident.

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  • aj8304
    started a topic Help please!!?

    Help please!!?

    Hello everyone, I need someone to help me here and tell me whether I have a problem. Recently I took a hard knock to my testis playing football, that whole area was sore and even a little swollen for a few days, when it was hurting most I remembered about the TC self examination and decided to check it out, I did and I have found two small soft lumps at the top of each testicle, I am very worried I may have TC because they won't go away, I am only 16 and haven't found the courage to tell my parents about this yet Is this normal because I didn't know about them if it is?

    Thanx a lot in advance...