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    First I want to say I think this is an awesome website and all you guys caring and devotion to helping people is great. I wanted to see if I could get some help with a question I have had that is bugging me a little? About a year ago I had some testicle pain in both balls. I went to my gp who reffered me to a urologist. The urologist did an ultra sound and said everything was fine and that I had a varecocile. He said i could have surgery but at the time I opted not to. A few weeks ago The pain came back and was sharper. I also noticed 1 testicle seemed to get smaller than the other. My wife agreed with me on this too. This is what scared me so I feared tc. I went to the same urologist and he again said it was a varecocile. I still wanted a second opinion so I saw 2 other urologisst who said they didn't think I had cancer although one of them did notice the size discrepancy. I did an ultra sound friday and started taking an antibioyic for the pain. Yesterday I found out the ultra sound was negative for cancer and the pain has gone away a lot although i do still feel some. I guess my question is simple should I ask for blood work or is an ultra sound definitive ? I ask because I read a horror story on the interenet about a guy whose ultra sound missed tc. Maybe I am being overly paranoid about being miss diagnosed ? But I just want to have a clear consience. Thanks

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    My first ultrasound was inconclusive. Could have been cancer or could have been infarction. Not a bad idea to follow up on the first ultrasound in about a month, especially if there is a recent change in size.

    They can compare both ultrasounds and see the difference in that period of time. Mine grew .3 cc and had increased blood flow. Infarction would not do that!

    I had no elevated blood markers, clean cat scan and xray.

    It was stage I seminoma.

    Seminoma often has no elevated markers, and by definition stage I has not yet spread -- and if it has it's most likely a few cells in the lymph nodes.

    Size change is definitely something to look closer at, though. What's your age? Did you ever have any testicular injury?
    Left IO 4/21/05 | Seminoma Stage I |Blood markers normal before surgery | CT scan and xray normal.
    Final day of radiation was June 2, 2005 (15 days, 2500 cGy total). Anti-nausea drug of choice: Zofran.