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  • 2 Curious Questions

    Do most lumps on testicals, i mean tumor lumps. Do most grow noticeably in a few days and weeks?? Also on other question, do most tumors feel as if there petruding the surface of the testicle, rather than feeling as if there attached to the surface...


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    Tumors do grow, but then again so do other things.
    Also, not all tumors "protrude" per se. There may be cases in which the tumors are inside the testicle. Although one may not be able to feel the lump itself, a growing mass will certainly cause changes in the tissue surrounding it (i.e. changes in size or consistency).
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      Everyone is different in the rate things happen to them, but personally, I could physically feel that my tumor almost doubled in size in a 3 week period. I couldn't feel "growth" from day to day, but I definitely noticed a change in size after a few weeks.

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