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19yr old, can somebody tell me what i can feel...

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  • dadmo
    I'll bet you sleep well tonight. Congratulations on the good news.

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  • dave22
    Hi guys, went to the doctors this morning and it turns out it was my epididymis i was feeling. Thanks for the advice guys and im rather releaved.

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  • Margaret
    Hi Dave...I would get a check up to ease your mind, but it does sound like Epididymis. Go to your doctor soon and let us know the good news!

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  • Jonathan2007
    Dave, Im no docter but to me it sounds like the Epididymis that you are feeling. Therefore no worries, but still wait till another forum members speaks to you as they will be more help.

    Take a look at this picture at the Epididymis, Does it refer to your issues?
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  • 19yr old, can somebody tell me what i can feel...

    Ive normally been good in checking for lump however I have not for a few weeks, on monday in the shower I decided to check, and located a small round lump which appears to be seperate from the testicle at the end of my scrotum nearest my penis.
    I felt around my other testicle and there was one of the same size and in the same location here. is this my epididymis ?
    Neither of them are painful and I have no discomfort, maybe I simply just havent noticed these before when checking?
    Any advice would be appreciated,
    Thanks in advance