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17 Year Old - Epididymis? or something else

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  • 17 Year Old - Epididymis? or something else

    Hi Im 17 years old and from England.

    After a sex talk at school that also mentioned TC I decided to check myself.
    But as I had never really done this before I didnt know what to look for.

    When I checked I found that in my left testicle I had a oval - shaped, hard and smooth object that was painless.

    In my right testicle things were less defined. An object was there but it was much smaller and harder to grasp.

    I have had no aches and pains or heaviness (in fact my right hangs lower than my left oddly)

    I realise that an epididymis is normal - but is this what my large lump is - and the right is just smaller? my right normal and the left testicle lump...something else?

    Just want some of your thoughts on what this could be as most people seem to describe a small hard pea - shaped object which is unlike mine.


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    It sounds like you may be feeling the eipididymis, but the only way to know for sure is to get checked by your doctor. It is usually normal for one testicle to be slightly larger than the other.
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      in fact my right hangs lower than my left oddly)
      This is perfectly normal, pretty everyone has one hanging lower than the other, I believe it is to prevent them getting squashed when ya legs are together, regardless it is normal.

      There are a variety of lumps and bumps and what not that can develop on or around the testicles and the vast majority of these are nothing serious. However not all 'tumours' will display as a pea-sized lump, in fact when i discovered mine i had NO lump at all. The only difference i felt was that my testicle felt harder than i had remembered it feeling before.

      The testicle itself should feel perfectly smooth around the main body and you should be able to feel the tubes on the back edge running from the top to the bottom of the testicle. The testicles should be firm but not hard (as in rock hard), and the tubes are the back should be pliable (again shouldn't be ROCK hard).

      As people have mentioned there will be slight differences in size and shape between the two testicles, we aren't built symetrical and there are often differences between the left side and right sides of our bodies (as any woman will know it's quite common for their breasts to be different sizes).

      If this is the first time in checking yourself out and you are unsure if things are normal or not then there is no shame or problem with going to a doctor and asking him to check you out. They will have seen plenty of bits in their time and won't give a second thought about it so neither should you. Once you know everything is ok and normal then you will at least know how YOUR testicles feel and will be able to identify any changes in shape, size or feel should they ever occur in the future.

      There are a lot of websites around with good detailed pictures on what a testicle looks like and how to perform a proper self check, these may help you to understand what it is you are feeling as you are checking yourself.