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Two lumps?

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  • Two lumps?

    I am a 19 years old and a health freak as well as a hypochondriac. About two months ago I did an examination and found I had two lumps, one in each testicle at the top of each one (by top i mean closest to my body). They are more of an oval and seperated from the actual testicle from what I can feel and when I apply moderate pressure I feel pain. They are both the same size and identicle. The size is about half the width of my finger and expands around only the round base of each testicle. Is this my epidydimis (did I spell that right?)

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    It sounds to me like you are feeling the epididymis. If you are in school, ask your school doctor to be sure.
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      i have the exact same thing but only on one testacle...i think is is pretty safe to say that this is the epididymus


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        It does sound like you are both feeling the epididymus but I wanted to tell you both that it is awesome that you are checking your bodies to make sure everything is okay. ANd not only that...but reaching out here for help. If only every young guy did that...a lot of trouble would be spared. You should both be proud of yourselves!!

        Have the school doc take a look or ask your parents to make you an appt. with a doc for a full check up. Time for that anyway just to stay healthy!

        Good luck.
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