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  • Worried in the UK

    Hi Everyone

    Not sure if there is anyone who can help me in here?

    I am from the UK (Essex - South East England), and just wanted some advice if anyone can give it.

    About 4 weeks ago now, I was checking myself, and found a lump on the cord around the back of my left testicle, of which the worst thought automatically goes through your head. I made an urgent appointment to see my doctor on the 20th April, of which he had the quickest feel you could ever have, and referred me to the urology department at our local hospital. He said there is nothing to worry about and its probably some sort of cyst.

    I have been in contact with them and only yesterday (19th May) have they only made the appointment, which is going to be 7th June.

    Anyhow, last week I was checking again to see if the lump found had got any bigger of which it hasn't but then I went on to check my left testicle, and whilst doing this, I found the smallest of bumps you could ever find, and I thought here we go again. Anyway, back to the doctors I go, and this time I asked for my normal doctor. This time he actually took the time to have a good feel, and he couldn't find anything, he said he was confident that there was nothing wrong, but for me to have the ultrasound anyway, just to be 100% sure.

    Since then I have been worrying as one does, there is definately a very small bump on my left testicle and when I bring it close to the surface, I can see it, and I think it looks white. It can only be 2/3mm in size and I can't feel it properly as its small, but when I move the testicle along the sack, I can see it move along Cysts do run in the family, my mum has loads removed, and my grandad had loads as well, although you can never get the thought out of your head that its TC.

    Can anyone give me some advice?