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    Hi All

    I have noticed that when I am checking my testicals some times when my scrotum is in a relaxed state ( balls hanging down and skin loose) that my testicals move and twist by them selves.
    Is this normal ?
    Both testicals move and twist and turn by them selves.
    Is this considered swelling or is swelling when one testical is larger then the other. I have been to a doctor for a medical for a job and he noticed that one was a little larger than the other and said I should keep a eye on it. He didn't find any lumps . But when i was checking myself I noticed that my left ball was facing the wrong direction ( the epiddymiss was facing out instead of being on the inside) this is why one ball looks larger then the other.
    Can any one shed some light on this.

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    Hi, there,

    I don't believe the "movement" you are talking about is a symptom, and most likely it is just how YOU are "made". I agree that you probably want to keep an eye on the size difference and go to the doctor if anything changes.

    "Swelling" generally refers to a change in size of the testicle itself or the scrotum, but TC can also cause a shrinking and hardening of the testicle. So you want to keep doing the regular self-exams, but what you are mainly looking for is a change from what you have felt before.

    Anything you are concerned about should be checked out by a doctor.