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Cyst on outside of left testicle

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  • Cyst on outside of left testicle

    I am 19 yrs old and i have had this for 2yrs (when i was 17). The cyst is kinda white in color and is just a couple milimeters big. I went to a doctor about it about a month after it appeared, and all he said was if it got bigger or changed shape i should come back and let him know. Well it hasnt changed shape, but im still worried. I dont have the insurance to go see the same doctor about it to get it rechecked out, but i came here and just wanted some advice and such. Could it be just a ingrown hair or something?

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    Hi, Bryan. What you've described is definitely not testicular cancer. Does this description seem to fit?
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      Yes that fits it perfectly, thank you so much. I am very much relieved now.


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        Don't mess with can get an infection. If it gets bigger and bothers you it can be removed.
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