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  • Ive been asking...

    Ive been asking in other threads but never get an answer so here we go:

    1. Are TC lumps hard or soft? squishy or tough? Do they only occur on certain places of the testies? DO YOU KNOW A LUMP WHEN U FEEL ONE?

    2. After having someone [brother] grab ur testies hard and then realising afew days/weeks after that one of ur testies now gets liquid around it making the scortum enlarged. Could this mean TC? Also my enlarged scrotums testie is also alittle bit bigger than the other. EDIT: accually feeling it now they feel the same size.. sometimes it feels bigger.. maybe? hmm

    Sorry to start a whole new thread for these 2 querstion but i couldn't get an answer otherwise.
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    What you described doesnt sound like TC to me, The TC mass is solid so it feels hard , not squishy.
    Left I/O 12/15/04 95% Immature Teratoma 5% mixed - CT clear 1/13/05 - LAP RPLND 2/14/05 - Stage II 2 lymph nodes w/ Microscopic (<5mm )Seminoma- Currently on Surveillance. 4 month CT, 2 month Blood