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Slight discomfort, moving balls(?), lots of worry

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  • Slight discomfort, moving balls(?), lots of worry

    Hello everyone,

    For the last few days I have felt a slight discomfort in my right testicle. No real pain, no bumps or lumps (I've manhandled myself searching). Obviously I have read enough about TC to have found this forum. I don't have health insurance.

    It sort of feels as though the right testicle has changed position, and sort of hangs differently. Can this happen? Also, it seems that the long tube on the bottom of my penis -- the urethra I guess -- has shifted to the left at the bottom. Is this possible???

    I guess the only way to achieve peace of mind is to see a doctor, but I can't really afford to blow a bunch of money for a hypochondrical episode.

    If I do have it, but I'm not insured when it is discovered, what on earth can I do? Should I wait until I am insured to get my first exam? That could be a while, as I have been out of work but am starting a new job soon (no insurance though!)

    I live in Los Angeles. Any opinions, resources, clinics, tips would be most appreciated.