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Small ball on left side, bottom of testicle/tube.

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  • Small ball on left side, bottom of testicle/tube.


    I'm 31. For about the past 2 -3 years I've known about a small lump, a tiny little mass really (smaller than a pea), that feels like it's connected to the vas deferen, on the underside of the left testicle. I've tried to find an equivalent mass on the other side, but it's definitely only on the left side. It is most definitely not connected to the actual testicle. It's not painful at all, nor has it ever changed in size. I've always discounted it as part of my normal anatomy. But recently a friend of mine was diagnosed with TC and I've decided to make some inquiries about it.

    My health insurance coverage is really poor, it won't cover doctor's office visits, ultrasound, radiology or anything like that. I'm worried that if I go to a clinic and have it examined, they'll probably just send me to the urologist for an ultrasound. If it's determined to be TC, I fear my health insurance would refuse to cover future treatment of this even if I try to increase my coverage.

    Does this sound like it could be TC? A cyst? Is it possible that a clinic could rule out TC with only an office visit? Is an ultrasound the only way to truly rule out TC?

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    It can't be tc if it's not part of the testicle. What you're describing sounds more like a cyst which is really quite common. Of course the only way to be sure of what it is is to have a doctor check it, but in my non-medical opinion it isn't tc.
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