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tenderness on testicle area

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  • tenderness on testicle area

    hi im 27 and a few days ago I got a slight pain im my right testical when I bent down at work, I didnt think much of it it happens. But when the pain went away the tenderness stayed and got me alittle worried, when i got home i felt around and found the sharp pain only happen when i put pessure on the epididymis area(found no lumbs). The other testical has no pain at all. I work out and walk/jog, none of that causes any pain just when the area is touched. I havent said anything to my wife yet she the type that would stress/freak out.

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    TC is extremely rare, with only about 1 in 300 guys getting the disease in the course of their lifetime. It sounds to me like you don't have TC, but any type of testicle injury or pain MUST be evaluated by your doctor to be on the safe side. In the rare chance that it is TC, a quick diagnosis will cause much less suffering in the long run. Let us know what the doctor says!

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      Hi Green and welcome. I am one of those freak out wives too so I can understand . I am not a doctor of course, but I can share with you the information our doctor gave us. He said, when it comes to TC, pain is usually a good sign. Pain can indicate a different issue. Now others here may say different but my husband's entire testicle was hard and others have had a hard pea sized growth. But with my husband there was no pain per se. It sounds like you have strained something but I always error on being extra cautious so I would ask a doctor about it as soon as you can. That will also put your mind at ease a bit. Talk to your wife, if you can, so she can support you. As a wife, we do freak out sometimes, but it is only because of love and worry...Let us know how things turn out.
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