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significant other found lump

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  • fuse929
    You mention the lump being inside of the the lump located on or inside one of the testicles? If the lump isn't physically located on or inside of a testicle, it is not testicular cancer.

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  • Karen
    Welcome to the forums. I'm glad that your bf is going to the doc. An ultrasound will tell what the lump is as far as cyst vs solid mass. Bloodwork for tumor markers can give the next clue on the type of tumor...if it even is a solid mass. The symptoms he has can be from many things, so don't focus on that...get the results of the exam and take it from there. Let us know how the exam went and we can help with next steps. TC is relatively rare and it could very well be a cyst.
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  • passingby
    started a topic significant other found lump

    significant other found lump

    I hope my anxiety doesn't keep me up all night, but my boyfriend is going to have an exam tomorrow.
    He had to drive about two hours away to receive his medical care and I can't be there with him.

    He found a lump about one week ago, no change in the past week other than he thought it moved.
    I felt it and it was not hard, more tough. I figured if it was a soft lump it could more likely be a cyst or infected sweat gland or something. He thought maybe a heat bump, but it was definitely inside the skin. Not on the skin.

    Only other symptoms that we feel may be related were some low abdomen pain, intermittent and a few occurrences of enuresis (previously thought to be drinking related, but he never did that in the past even when he drank heavily).
    He has noticed a decreased sex drive over the past few months as well, although since finding the bump, I think that has increased a bit.... maybe it's psychosomatic.

    Anyhow, besides finding a lump, are there any other assocated symptoms that shouldn't be overlooked???
    Thanks in advanced for any and all insight.