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  • going for bloods

    okay been mulling this all weekend, i'm going to my doctors to ask for bloods tommorow as i cannot stand to wait another 4 weeks for the ultrasound. My lower back is really aching/stiff and i've purposfully laid off exercising for the past couple of weeks hoping it would clear up, of course the gynocomastia isn't moving and that heart warming heavy ache and pain downstairs is as lively as ever!. I've read some horror stories about people trusting physicians (mainly urologists) who assure nothings wrong after an initial examination only to end up with advanced cases of cancer so I'm through messing about.

    I only hope my doctor (general practitioner) is willing to and capable of performing these bloods as it takes weeks to be seen in any capacity at our local hospital, god bless the british national health service.

    will keep you guys posted