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  • Just had the ultrasound

    I had a lump on the right side a year ago, my doctor said it was probably a cysist and that it wasn't hard, so he wasn't worried. I know have a few lumps on the left too. So I asked for an Ultra Sound. It seemed to go fine at first, at least I was in a good mood, the tech was pretty cute and we were joking, etc. Some 5 minutes later, she called in her supervisor and they spent the next 30 min on one testicle. They talked in small wispers and the did some doppler photos. Ok, a 45 minute exam and another photos to fill a photo album, they said I was done, and left the room. Maybe my imagination but when I walked out, they wouldn't look me in the eye, I asked for a copy and then the supervisor came out and told me I would have one after My doctor reviewed them with me. She then said "I hope everything works out for you." Nervous? Yes. I'm already undermedications for other things, Bipolar, RA, etc. Next week I will have an operation for a herniated disc, and since I'm off work for the time being I wanted to have everything checked out. I did not tell the Tech any of this. When I told my doctor the're were other lumps, and some swelling - he orded the US,right away. So this is the hardest part? Waiting for results?

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    Welcome, Zev. Yes, waiting is always hard. Have you talked to your doctor yet?
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