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two weeks and counting

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  • two weeks and counting

    well just got into work from having bloods done. The doctor was not sure what tests to ask for so i advised AFP, hCG, LDH marker tests, it was quite funny when she checked on google to see if i was right!!!! I told her i've had a good teature (this website)

    bloody british nhs can be a joke a minute, I asked for thyroid, liver and kidney function to be checked for good measure as well as i understand malfunctions here can cause gynacomastia and testicular pain as well.

    will have all results back within a fortnight (which is a week earlier than my ultrasound was scheduled) so feeling positive after getting more proactive.

    will now play it cool for a week or two as i'm getting sick of worrying.


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    Results from my Utrasound may interest you

    Hi there,

    I managed to get in to my ultrasound 2 weeks early, due to a cancellation (I recommend you call everyday to check for a cancellation).
    Turns out, I got a "talker" doing my ultrasound. She talked me through the whole thing. She asked what my symptoms were, and she asked if I would mind if she looked at my kidneys as well. I said fine.....she discovered a bunch of stones that had not passed, and some that had, into the bladder. This would account for the abdominal and testicle pain...even the back pain!
    During the testicle exam, she found a cyst on my epididymis, which at my age, simply will go away on its own, or remain harmless...
    So, my point being, call for cancellations, and ask them to check your kidneys and prostate too. You never know what they may find.

    Best of Luck to you. Im sure it will be fine....FYI, the second she told me I was fine, 80% of my aches and pains just disappeared.....the power of the brain, I guess.