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very woried painfull lump

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  • very woried painfull lump

    hi im lewis and im 15 years old i have discovered a painfull lump on my left testical it is very worrieing i have had pains there before i discovered the lump i would like tog o to the doctors but would realy like recomendations the lump is smaller then a pea but still very worrieng i also am slighty uncomfortable with another man touch my genitals

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    It can be a bit embarrassing but you need to put that aside and make an appt pronto.


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      Originally posted by lewisvye
      i also am slighty uncomfortable with another man touch my genitals
      Hi Lewis,

      There is a school of thought that says a Doctor is a Doctor regardless of their gender... if that still doesn't cut it with you then you could always try asking for a female doctor to examine you.

      Trust me on this, once you've seen a doctor of any gender, the sense of relief at having made that first appointment, compared with worrying about it on your own, will far overshadow any worries you may have about someone else handling the 'family jewels'

      Cheers and all the best,


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        When it comes to issues of health, the gender of the physician should be irrelevant. If it makes you feel any better, discuss it with your parents. Trust me, once you go see a doc, you will feel much more relieved either way.
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          TC is very rare, but any testicle abnormality should be checked out.
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            Originally posted by lewisvye
            i also am slighty uncomfortable with another man touch my genitals
            Hi Lewis.

            You just have to put that aside, and get a doctor's appointment as soon as possible. I know the feeling, as I was going through it 2 weeks ago.

            You'll be happy when you've at least seen a doctor. That way you can get an answer. If it is TC, then the earlier it gets treated, the better.

            All the best,


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              I know what you are talking about Lewis. I hate going to any doctor, and another male touching me is a bit uncomfortable too. I to currently have a lump that needs to be examined, and it's hard talking to parents, especially if sexuality is rarely talked about in the household, like it is with mine. The right thing to do for parents is to make these kinds of talks seem normal to have. Talking bout cancer is hard, and for a guy TC is the worst, because the issue of having sex, or getting a girlfriend always comes up. "Will they like me if I have one testicle, how can I tell her etc."


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                Lewis and 101,
                The reality is you are dealing with somthing that, if it is TC, means your LIFE. You need to deal with this "embarassed to see a doc" stuff and just do it. They see testicles every day and it's really just another body part. You are not talking about sexuality, you are talking about a body part If you are too scared to tell you parents then write them a note. Young guys here have been in your shoes, not told anybody, put off the exam and them been diagnosed with late stage TC. You don't want that. TC is rare, but any lump or change must be checked. This may scare you, but if that's what it takes then that's what we'll do.
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