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can lumps "disappear"

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  • can lumps "disappear"

    I noticed a lump in early July after i hurt my knee and i had been limping for some time, i assumed i maybe irritated my testicle in some way by limping and it swelled. when i noticed it returning after i stopped limping i started to worry, i'm 17 and to nervous to say anything to like my parents but i have a doctors appointment coming up at the end of august and i hope my doctor notices something when he examines me, if not i'll ask him but my question is, since i noticed the lump there have been multiple times that i notice the lump gone and it my testicle goes back to a normal size. Is this common in with the cancer, or does it somewhat debunk my cancer theory. any help would be awesome. thank you. Sorry one more thing, i always read to look for a pea-sized lump, wat i think is a lump seems to be much larger, does this mean anything. thanks

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    The swelling comming and going leads me to belive that what you have may be a hydrocele . When you meet with the doctor make certain to tell him/her about your problem. It's not really fair to make the doctor find something that you're already worried about. I have a doctors appointment in two weeks and my wife is comming with me to make sure I don't forget to tell her anything and yes to also comfort me. Going to a doctor is always stressful.
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      Thanks a lot for the reponse. I looked up hydrocele and to be honest it does seem to better describe what i'm experiencing. I'll be sure to ask about everything at the doctors appointment, and i understand what you mean about telling him and not just leting him find it, but i don't know if i'll get the courage up to say anything to my parents just yet. Anyway, Thanks a lot.