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ct skan and x ray

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  • Scott
    My CT scan results are typically available to my oncologist almost immediately. I had a chest CT scan yesterday morning, and I was able to pick up films and a printed report this afternoon.

    A chest x-ray is a fast and relatively inexpensive way to monitor for metastasis to the lungs. The detail provided by a chest CT scan isn't generally necessary for this purpose.

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  • dave
    started a topic ct skan and x ray

    ct skan and x ray

    Question here.. What is the turn around time on a cat skan from the time it is given to the time results are in. And why do they use an xray over a ct skan when examining to see if anything has moved into the chest ? Any insight would be appreciated. (Side note my ultra soungd showed epydidymitis and was clear of tumors but, I still have testicle pain and have developed constant pain in my back which has me very worried because, I know that can be a symptom. So my gp may send me for a cat skan. This has me a little worried.) Thanks,