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Im back guys, another lump in my other testicle...but this one is odd.

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  • Im back guys, another lump in my other testicle...but this one is odd.

    Well I was here around a year ago with a small lump in my left testicle, unltrasound revealed a calcuim deposit. Now I have found a lump in my right testicle on the back side, its about bb size and hard. The odd thing is how I cannot find it most of the time. I do not know how long it has been there, I just decided to look the other day, actually I had a pain in my left testicle and wanted to see if the two testicles felt alike. Anyways I was feeling the right testicle for about a hour or so and felt a lump, I was shocked! I mean my right testicle I thought was perfect, but anyways I couldnt find the lump for the next day or so but found it again today. Now the lump is hard and feels connected to the testicle. But the thing is it seems to move around...or zip around. Like I know your testicles can roll right, but I will feel the lump and just take my finger off a little and its gone, then sometimes its bigger and sometimes its smaller. It tends to show up in the same general area which is the back of the testicle, but im really confused because I know im feeling the area where it should be and its not there sometimes. I cannot find anything that describes a lump like this, and I swear sometimes it feels like its connected to the testicle for sure, but other times it doesnt. I have looked everywhere in the scrotum for a bump thats free floating so to speak but cannot find it. So if its not on the testicle then what could cause a bump to grow slightly larger and move around? Its hard just like a bb, im wondering if its another calcium deposit but I can find the one on my left testicle, yet this lump seems to pop up only sometimes. I do not have health insurance right now so this sucks, I wish I could just go get a ultrasound but I gotta get insurance or money. Any idea what this could be guys? Thanks

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    Sorry that you don't have insurance now- but don't let that stop you from going to the doctor. You may not need an UltraSound, but I think it would be a good idea to go back to the same doctor that ordered the previous US.
    At the very least, call them to discuss.
    Let us know- you will feel better taking action.
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