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is there a tube in the testes that a hard object can travel in?

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  • is there a tube in the testes that a hard object can travel in?

    ok, so im feeling my bb size lump but sometimes it seems I can follow it back up to the top on the testis......the epydlis (sorry about spelling?) Like the lump appears in the smae spot but then I can slide it sometimes, but sometimes it feels like its attached to the testicle, I feel it on the backside of my testicle towards the middle area. The best description I can give on what it feels like is one of those sticky eyes that they sale at craft stores, like the eyeballs that have a skaky pupil in it. You know, like people use them to paste on eggs or something they wanna make with a face. It feels like one of those if you put them flat on the counter, except its hard and doesnt seem hollow. Its hard to describe, but its like its embeded in my testicle so it seems sometimes, but then its like I can slide it around the testicle. A very confusing lump if I do say so,lol. So guys I can't get a ultrasound until I save up, any ideas what else this could be besides cancer? Thanks

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    The best advice I can give is to get checked shouldn't be an issue because you don't have to pay medical bills up can be put on a monthly payment plan sometimes for as little as 10 or 20 bucks a month. You have no excuse no to schedule an appointment right now, especially if you feel a hard lump in/on the testicle. TC is very rare, so it is probably nothing, but if it is a cancerous lump waiting will only make it worse.

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      When I got my last ultrasound they wanted the money upfront, I think it was around 800 bucks. Maybe I should o to a new clinic?