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    I just noticed this yesterday and haven't gone to a doctor yet. Here's my question: Can a cancerous lump be at the top of the testicle?

    I have a soft lump slightly smaller than a pea located near the top of the testicle, it's moveable (ie. nearly impossible to isolate the darn thing) but feels like it *might be* "slightly attached" to the testicle. Most TC sites say that lumps are found on the sides or front.

    This doesn't fit that description but could it still be TC?


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    Hey Zapp,
    TC by definition has to be attached to the testicle (location really doesn't matter). If the lump is movable, it is unlikely that TC would be the cause. Nonetheless, you'll be able to get more certainty if you have it checked out by a doc.
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      As Fed said, if the lump is movable, it is unlikely to be TC, but to answer your question, my cancerous lump was on the top of the testicle.........I had nothing on the sides or front.

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        Hi Zapp
        Any lump in the testicles whether it be at the top,middle or bottom should not be there needs checking out ASAP. even if its not attached to the testes ,
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          I saw the doctor. It was an epididimal cyst, nothing to be overly concerned about. Thanks for your help.


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            Congratulations Zapp. Thanks for letting us know that you're ok.
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              Great news. Keep up the monthly self-examinations, and be well.
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