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    I'm not sure exactly how they are supposed to look, but im pretty sure there are things down there that shouldn't be there. I am 17 and I found a lump on each testicle a while back, and i finally made the appointment at the doctors but I just wanted a few things answered.

    1. Assuming it is cancer and will need to get my testicals removed, how long will the whole thing take? I ask this because I am going on holiday on the 25th June and I hope everything will be all wrapped up by then.

    2. What are the steps from finding out if it is cancer to curing it? How many visits to the clinic ect.

    3. How long do you stay in the hospital when you're having the operation done? And do you simply just walk away from the hospital or do you need a certain amount of recovery time at home before you can do sports ect.

    Thank you

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    While it's possible to have cancer in both testicles at the same time, it's very unusual. I'm glad you have an appointment with a doctor to have these lumps checked out, but it's very likely they'll turn out to be something less serious than testicular cancer.

    If it should turn out to be cancer, the orchiectomy doesn't require staying in the hospital, but you'd want someone to drive you home from the hospital, and you'd want a few days to a few weeks to recover.
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