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HCG levels - please educate me.

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  • Bonsai

    Thanks for the links they were very educational.

    Given the small increases in HCG I'm seeing, no physical abnormalities, and the clean ultrasound I'm not even sure I'm posting on the right forum yet, but I really appreciate the help

    I would have lived with the ache for quite a while before seeing a doctor if it wasn't for my family history. But as soon as I noticed some tenderness, the thought that it could be anything other than TC never entered my mind.

    The doctor indicated that as a cyclist, a desk worker and a beer drinker, I was at risk of getting aches and pains down there for a variety of, none of which are TC.

    Anyway my CT scan is tomorrow and I'll get the results on Tuesday, till then I'm hanging out for some useful information.


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  • Fish
    Hi Bonsai and Welcome!

    Congratulations for getting to the doctor so quickly.

    Here is a link to info on tumor markers:

    I doubt that a change from .2 to .3 is a true increase, I'd expect this to be within the error range of the test. The test should specify the beta subunit of hCG

    Low testosterone can cause elevated hCG levels.

    From lab tests online:
    There are reports of false positive serum hCG results due to several different compounds (not drugs) that may interfere with the test. These include certain types of antibodies that may be present in some individuals and fragments of the hCG molecule. Generally, if results are questionable, they may be confirmed by testing with a different method.
    Best wishes.

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  • Bonsai
    started a topic HCG levels - please educate me.

    HCG levels - please educate me.

    Hi there,

    I noticed some tenderness while showering a few weeks ago. No lumps bumps or swelling, but something just wasn't right. My father had TC about 15 years ago so I was somewhat concerned. Dad had quite a lump yet made a full recovery, so I wasn't making any funeral arrangements.

    Upon my first examination the urologist did not notice anything unusual, but ordered a blood test. My results came back showing some kind of infection (possibly the cause of the original discomfort) and a HCG beta of 0.2 NG/ML.

    I'm not sure how HCG levels are measured in the rest of the world but here in Japan 0.0 - 0.1 NG/ML is considered within normal limits. The doctor indicated that 0.2 was still quite low, but worth investigating, so I had an ultrasound and a second blood test.

    The ultrasound came back with nothing interesting of note, but my HCG beta level was up to 0.3 NG/ML. Now I am booked in for a CT scan 2 days from now.

    I guess I'm looking for information about HCG levels:
    - At what point do increasing HCG levels become a real cause for concern?
    - If it turns out I don't have TC what else could cause elevated levels of HCG point to?

    My father eventually passed away many years later after a bout with bowel cancer (unrelated to his TC), but the urologist informed me that HCG is not a marker for that kind of cancer.

    I know these are questions I should fire at my doctor, but I'm so busy digesting new information during the visit that the questions don't arise until later.

    I'm quite comfortable with TC, I know a number of surivors, and of all the cancers its easy to extract in its early stages. I have 2 beautiful daughters, and no sentimental attachment to a part of my anatomy that could possibly kill me, so take it away and let me get on with life.

    But the idea of a tumor somewhere else is a little more frightening (there are some organs I just can't live without), but at least my HCG levels aren't off the scale indicating that whatever we're looking for is still in the early stages of development.