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  • Lump and Swelling

    Yeah, I'm not really sure whats going on down there, so after I found this thread I thought I'd run it past you all and see what you think. You seem to know pretty well what would be going on if it is anything serious.

    I noticed a rather peculiar, painful series of lumps on my left testicle a few weeks ago. I immediately went to see my physician.

    At first I thought it might of been a hernia, as I had started a lifting program a week earlier. He told me it was not a hernia, and that I should simply take some pain killers and ice it. He also told me to contact him if it didn't get better.

    It did hurt for a few more days, but did stop during that weekend. However, the lumps are still there and scaring me pretty badly.

    I decided to conduct my own TSE and here are my results:

    -It is only on my left testicle(thankfully).
    -Light does not pass through the lumps. This leads me to believe it might be a tumor.
    -The spermatic cord on the left testicle is swollen. Also, the lumps seemingly vanish when I lay or sit down. This leads me to believe it may be a varicocele.

    As you can probably notice, I've been doing some research. This is just all a very tense and uneasy experience for me, and I'd like to at least have some closure. I figure I'll wait another two weeks before revisiting my physician, but in the meantime, what do you all think?

    Thank you for the help.